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Stoney Beach Living Shoreline

Coastal flooding and shoreline erosion pose significant threats to infrastructure and assets in Baltimore’s waterfront communities. As climate change exacerbates sea level rise, impacts to communities such as shoreline erosion will increase unless practices are implemented to mitigate these effects. GTA is partnering with the Maryland Port Authority, Maryland DNR, and Stoney Beach Condominium (SBC) community in northern Anne Arundel County, MD to construct an ~850 linear foot living shoreline to stop erosion and restore salt marsh habitat where wave action from Stoney Creek and Patapsco River has eroded away as much as 70 feet of community property over the past 30 years.  Construction


This proposed nature-based approach to restoring the shoreline will allow for vertical and horizontal marsh migration as sea level rises, providing long-term (30+ years) protection of community land that the SBC has expended substantial funds over the past 3 years turning into a community park with walking trails and picnic areas. SBC and GTA have also partnered with the Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy to leverage this project to support at least two community residents to become certified Watershed Stewards. The community Watershed Stewards will organize several outreach events to engage and educate their fellow residents about shoreline erosion, climate change, and environmental restoration.


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