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Raritan Arsenal Marsh Restoration

In partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, GTA is permanently protecting and restoring nearly 100 acres of wetland habitat at the former Raritan Armory in Edison. This important wetland preserve is within GTA’s Hudson-Raritan Estuary Conservation Focus Area.


This property and the surrounding areas were once a sprawling and healthy tidal wetland complex. In 1918, the US Army acquired substantial marshland and floodplain acreage along the tidal Raritan River. Large wetland acreages were filled, other areas were ditched, and the wetland hydrology was substantially impacted by the placement of rail causeways and water control structures throughout the marsh complex. In 2024, GTA expects to preserve the property from future development, and restore the native tidal marsh hydrology to the area by removing culverts, causeways, and ditches and by re-creating historical tidal channel morphology in the marsh. A long term effort to control non-native Phragmites invasions will also be undertaken as part of the long term stewardship of this project.

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