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Local Partnerships and Community-Scale Projects

GTA works diligently to connect our large-scale land protection and habitat restoration projects with community-scale and community-based efforts that make differences in the lives of residents and visitors. We routinely enter into partnerships with county and municipal park and public works agencies to allow us the opportunity to work directly on smaller scale invasive species removals, reforestation projects, rain gardens, and public access and trail enhancements.   

Thanks to the support of our funders, this important connective work allows us to magnify the already substantial ecological, economic, and overall public benefit of our large-scale conservation projects. This is particularly true in GTA’s conservation priority areas: Baltimore Coastal Communities (MD), Southern Maryland & Potomac Region (MD and VA), and the Hudson-Raritan Estuary (NJ).

Gentle Stream

Welzenbach Farms Restoration Project

The Welzenbach Farm site is a conglomerate of three permanently protected parcels in Edgewood, Maryland acquired by Harford Land Trust. It lays partially within with Chesapeake Bay Critical Area of Otter Point Creek. GTA is currently partnering with HLT to design a restoration project that will include approximately 0.75 acres of stormwater management, up to 1.6 acres of reforestation, and approximately 4,600 linear feet of stream restoration.

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