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Welzenbach Farms Restoration Project

The Welzenbach Farm site is a conglomerate of three permanently protected parcels in Edgewood, Maryland acquired in the early 2000s by Harford Land Trust (HLT), from the Archdiocese of Baltimore as well as the Welzenbach/Park family. It lays partially within with Chesapeake Bay Critical Area of Otter Point Creek, a tidal tributary of Winters Run. The site has been generally degraded by past land uses, including overgrazing dairy pastures, as well as recent increased stormwater inputs resulting from upslope land development that did not include sufficient stormwater infrastructure to protect resources downslope on this property.

GTA is currently partnering with HLT to design a restoration project that will include approximately 0.75 acres of stormwater management, up to 1.6 acres of reforestation, and approximately 4,600 linear feet of stream restoration. These practices will reduce sedimentation to Otter Creek, reduce ongoing impacts to onsite agriculture caused by channel migration and head cuts, increase the net value of the property to wildlife, and will meet HLT’s objectives to provide habitat restoration and water quality activities on its conserved lands.  The result of this planning phase of the project will be to provide a design package that is capable of efficiently delivering nutrient and sediment reduction, and/or associated impervious acres treated (IAT) credits to Otter Creek, the Bush River, and the Chesapeake Bay.  The project is anticipated to generate substantial amounts of TMDL or MS4 credits to assist another GTA partner, Aberdeen Proving Ground, in meeting their regulatory requirements. . Design work for this project started in August 2018.


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