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Mitigation Banking and Stewardship

GTA serves as the Bank Sponsor for the first federal agency Umbrella Mitigation Banking Instrument in Maryland, completed for the United States Air Force. We provide expertise in mitigation design, permitting, and construction supervision. We also hold mitigation sites and easements, managing them as the long-term steward. We have experience in setting up and working with long-term stewardship, endowment, and catastrophic event funds that support high quality stewardship or preserved lands, including completed mitigation banks and sites. Click on any of our mitigation projects featured below to learn more.


Horse Stall

Piscataway Headwaters Preserve

The PCMS is situated on a 63-acre portion of the larger Walton Foundation property (126 acres) that is adjacent to and within the 100-year floodplain of Piscataway Creek, which flows through the property from northwest to southeast.


Creek at Mattawoman.jpg

Mattawoman Headwaters Preserve

GreenTrust Alliance is the Bank Sponsor and long-term steward for the Mattawoman Creek Mitigation Site (MCMS) located in Charles County, Maryland. A total of 80.9 acres of the property are permanently protected in the MCMS conservation easement.


Flat Swamp- Site Photo.jpg

Flat Swamp Preserve

This 386-acre project site in North Carolina restored the site’s former hydrology and forest vegetation. These restored forested wetlands now provide a significant improvement to the water quality, biodiversity and habitat of this degraded section of the Middle Neuse River Watershed.

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